Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Eleven Months Old

There's only a week until your first birthday. Time is going by so quickly!

-You are officially walking! It was amazing watching you learn. You seem too little to be acting so big!

-Tantrums are your new thing. Arching your back and squealing are involved.

-Music is one of your favorite things, and you can actually dance to the beat! I love to see how freely you express yourself. There is nothing holding you back, it's so refreshing! I pray you never lose that.

-You've taken more of an interest in Willow lately. She loves it when you feed her your snacks, and you like to pet her and laugh. It's so cute!

-Your blankie is always by your side. You've started bringing it out of your crib when I get you up from your nap and you love to carry it around while you play. Occasionally you lay on the floor with it.

-Fritz is becoming your pal. You both sit and play together so well now! You love sharing your toys.

-Your favorite foods are garbanzo beans, raisins, peaches and pretty much anything I put in front of you. You're such a good eater!

-You talk all the time, mostly to yourself. :) You can say Dada, ball, mama, all done, wow, and pretty. We love trying to get you to say new words! 

-Playing 'chase' is one of your favorite games. You love to run away! You also love to roll the ball back and forth to us.

-Uncle Kyle got to see you this month. It had been a long time since you saw him last. You showed him all your tricks! We can't wait to see him again for Thanksgiving.

We love you so much! We are so excited to celebrate your first birthday in a couple weeks!

-Love, Mom and Dad

Monday, October 28, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Ten Months Old

Wow, can't believe 10 months have passed!

-This past month you have mastered crawling (in your own way, of course).

-You had your first experience at a pumpkin patch

-You've started to get into EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything.

-Some of your favorite foods are chick peas, pears, oatmeal, and pizza crust.

-You can walk with your walker, but you sit down immediately if we let go of your hands.

-Brown Bear, Brown Bear is by far your favorite book. You open all the slides and rush through so you can stare at all the kids' faces on the last page.

-You're really into destroying everything. You love to throw things on the ground.

-Speaking of throwing things on the ground; You realized you can feed Willow, and you love to do that at every meal. You toss your food off the table and look down to watch her eat it. This means you eat about 20% of what I give you, and Willow gets the rest (and she loves you for it)!

-Man can you yell! You have become so much more vocal, and you ramble on and on and make such funny noises.

-You still love to people-watch. You wait for them to see you and give them a huge cheesy grin.

-Your top two teeth are coming in, along with one more! So you are a little cranky, but not too bad.

-You have started to sleep a good 10 hours at night, and I thought the day would never come! I am hoping to get you to 12 hours by your first birthday. We'll see if you cooperate!

-You love going for walks.

-Your hair is getting a little calmer and longer!

-Your dad and I never want to forget how you act like a little bird and open your mouth when we are eating, it's so cute!

-I still cherish nursing you before bed. I will be very sad when that special time comes to an end. You are the sweetest when you're laying in my arms and looking up at me with your big brown eyes. And then you bite me and giggle. HA!

-You are so curious. The only thing that scares you is the vacuum. Other than that you are very daring!

-You love to make people laugh--you're such a clown! You tilt your head to the side and wait to get a laugh, then you laugh too! Other times you'll just laugh if your dad and I think something on T.V. is funny.

I hope you keep your silly personality. You are so fun to be around, and we love to play with you. You make everyone that's around you smile on a daily basis. We love you Munchie!

-Mom and Dad

Friday, September 27, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Nine Months Old

This is a recap of month 9, you're actually 10 months old today! This has been a big month for you!

-A lot of big things happened this month, and one of them is you started crawling!

-You started pulling yourself up and walking around furniture even before you started crawling. :)

-Still only two teeth, but your top two should pop through any time now.

-You clap when we ask you to now, and sometimes when you're mad you'll clap while you're crying--and we just laugh at you because it's so funny! 

-You've started to throw a ball and chase it, that usually keeps you busy for a while.

-You get nervous when your dad yells during football games.

-Books are extremely interesting to you. You love looking through them and turning the pages.

-You've been a little clingy to me lately, you're wanting to be held a lot more too--it could be because of your teeth coming in. Either way, I usually don't mind snuggling and carrying you around. 

-When you laugh you scrunch your nose, it's so cute!

-You're still a great eater and you love trying new foods.

-Peppa Pig is your favorite show, and you squeal and flail your arms when the theme song comes on.

-Sleep is a little better at night, but you still like to wake up a few times.

-You rolled from your back to your tummy for the first time this month, and you also stood up in your crib for the first time!

-You are getting into EVERYTHING.

-Going places and meeting new people are still two of your favorite things. You're definitely a social baby :)

-It is so fun to watch you learn and grow. You're starting to figure so many things out and we can just see your little mid working. You're extremely curious and careful. You definitely think things through before you do them (a lot like your dad).

-We've learned that you absolutely do things your own way, you don't crawl on two knees, you kind of scoot on one leg and push with the other :) and you do all things in your own time, like waiting until 9 months to roll from back to tummy, even though you definitely had the ability to sooner. 

It's so fun to see your personality develop. We love you munchkin! 

Mom and Dad

Friday, August 23, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Eight Months Old

You have changed so much this month!

-You have started to pull yourself up, but you don't really know how to get back down without falling.

-Breakfast, lunch and dinner are some of your favorite times, and mine too! I love being able to eat as a family.

-You are talking (yelling) more and more, and you are becoming more expressive.

-Your hair is still growing straight up.

-Your two bottom teeth are all the way up now and you look SO cute with them.

-Going places still makes you happy, you love looking and smiling at people! You'll stare at someone as they walk by just waiting for them to look at you, and then you flash them a huge smile.

-You entertain yourself well, especially in the mornings. You are content to just sit and play with your toys quietly (most of the time).

-Water baby! You LOVE the water. At bath time you put your face in the water and drink it. You even went all the way under the water in the big pool three times and it didn't even phase you.

-You are becoming your own person more and more each day! There are times we have an entire conversation just by your facial expressions and I feel like i'm talking to a teenager.

-Sleep is going better, but you still love to cuddle in the night.

-You are curious about everything and you try to get to everything. No crawling yet, but I will set you in one place and turn around and you are 5 feet away somehow. :)

-You had your first experience at the fair and you love most things about it---but the petting zoo scared you. You might not be an exotic animal person.

-Dad took you on the jet ski for the first time--you didn't like it too much, but that will change soon enough.

Can't believe we are basically 2/3 through your first year of life. We still love you more than ever! 
Love, Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Seven Months Old

Wow! Time is seriously flying by. I know I say that all the time, but for real, things need to slow down! You have grown up so much this past month--you're personality is really starting to shine through.

-You have started to sleep a LITTLE bit better, but you're still not making it easy on me! I still enjoy getting up with you though, and I'm sure I'm partly to blame for enabling you! ;) 

-You are a total pro at sitting up now and you only face dive into the floor on occasion, and its always because you're trying to reach a toy.

-We celebrated your first 4th of July! Last year on the 4th we found out you were a girl!

-We went on our first week-long family trip together and you were a trooper, 7+ hours in the car isn't fun for anyone, but you did really well! We took you to our favorite restaurant in Laramie, Sweet Melissa's. You begged for our food the whole time! We also went up to Snowy Range and you loved to hike around in your carrier. You also made friends with the lady at the ice cream shop in Centennial, you're so friendly to everyone you meet. We went to Fort Collins and took you to the place your dad and I got engaged, Horsetooth Reservoir. We even went swimming in the cold water! We also went down to Broomfield and then to Denver where you had your first experience in an IKEA. You were always happy to be outside but would complain for our food in the restaurants, which wasn't fun for your dad and I! Overall it was a great trip and I hope you enjoy looking at pictures of it when you're older. 


-You LOVE to swim. We bought you a float and you have the time of your life kicking your legs and splashing. I am so excited for you to start swim lessons! 

-Your two bottom teeth are breaking through at the same time. I will miss your gummy smile!

-You yell loudly when you're playing and your cry has become a 'yell-cry'. You definitely let us know when you're happy--and not happy. 

-You suck on my cheek whenever I ask if you want milk--cutest thing ever.

-You're eating table food as a hobby and love trying new things---you'll eat whatever we put in front of you, and when you're done you throw it on the floor.

-You love to drink out of a sippy cup, but you'd rather drink out of a regular glass!

-If we eat something in front of you, you immediately try to grab it and whine if we dot let you have it--we have to eat in secret now!

-Your hair is getting longer, lighter, curlier, and crazier! I have no idea what it will look like when you're a toddler!

-You adore Fritz, and you flap your arms and squeal when you're close to him because you want to grab his face and poke his eyeballs! You also love to chew on his feet, which will have to stop now since you're getting teeth!

-You amaze your dad and I daily. We can't stop talking about you, and every little thing you do is huge to us. We love watching you grow and learn new things.

-Some nicknames for you are Munchie, Munchkin, Rem, Rem-a-lem-a-ding-dong, Smooshy, Smoosh---and your dad has a lot more that I can't remember right now. :)

We love you baby girl. Pretty soon you won't be a baby anymore, but until you can run away we will keep squishing you and kissing your chubby cheeks!

Mom and Dad

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