Friday, August 23, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Eight Months Old

You have changed so much this month!

-You have started to pull yourself up, but you don't really know how to get back down without falling.

-Breakfast, lunch and dinner are some of your favorite times, and mine too! I love being able to eat as a family.

-You are talking (yelling) more and more, and you are becoming more expressive.

-Your hair is still growing straight up.

-Your two bottom teeth are all the way up now and you look SO cute with them.

-Going places still makes you happy, you love looking and smiling at people! You'll stare at someone as they walk by just waiting for them to look at you, and then you flash them a huge smile.

-You entertain yourself well, especially in the mornings. You are content to just sit and play with your toys quietly (most of the time).

-Water baby! You LOVE the water. At bath time you put your face in the water and drink it. You even went all the way under the water in the big pool three times and it didn't even phase you.

-You are becoming your own person more and more each day! There are times we have an entire conversation just by your facial expressions and I feel like i'm talking to a teenager.

-Sleep is going better, but you still love to cuddle in the night.

-You are curious about everything and you try to get to everything. No crawling yet, but I will set you in one place and turn around and you are 5 feet away somehow. :)

-You had your first experience at the fair and you love most things about it---but the petting zoo scared you. You might not be an exotic animal person.

-Dad took you on the jet ski for the first time--you didn't like it too much, but that will change soon enough.

Can't believe we are basically 2/3 through your first year of life. We still love you more than ever! 
Love, Mom and Dad.

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