Friday, September 27, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Nine Months Old

This is a recap of month 9, you're actually 10 months old today! This has been a big month for you!

-A lot of big things happened this month, and one of them is you started crawling!

-You started pulling yourself up and walking around furniture even before you started crawling. :)

-Still only two teeth, but your top two should pop through any time now.

-You clap when we ask you to now, and sometimes when you're mad you'll clap while you're crying--and we just laugh at you because it's so funny! 

-You've started to throw a ball and chase it, that usually keeps you busy for a while.

-You get nervous when your dad yells during football games.

-Books are extremely interesting to you. You love looking through them and turning the pages.

-You've been a little clingy to me lately, you're wanting to be held a lot more too--it could be because of your teeth coming in. Either way, I usually don't mind snuggling and carrying you around. 

-When you laugh you scrunch your nose, it's so cute!

-You're still a great eater and you love trying new foods.

-Peppa Pig is your favorite show, and you squeal and flail your arms when the theme song comes on.

-Sleep is a little better at night, but you still like to wake up a few times.

-You rolled from your back to your tummy for the first time this month, and you also stood up in your crib for the first time!

-You are getting into EVERYTHING.

-Going places and meeting new people are still two of your favorite things. You're definitely a social baby :)

-It is so fun to watch you learn and grow. You're starting to figure so many things out and we can just see your little mid working. You're extremely curious and careful. You definitely think things through before you do them (a lot like your dad).

-We've learned that you absolutely do things your own way, you don't crawl on two knees, you kind of scoot on one leg and push with the other :) and you do all things in your own time, like waiting until 9 months to roll from back to tummy, even though you definitely had the ability to sooner. 

It's so fun to see your personality develop. We love you munchkin! 

Mom and Dad

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