Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Seven Months Old

Wow! Time is seriously flying by. I know I say that all the time, but for real, things need to slow down! You have grown up so much this past month--you're personality is really starting to shine through.

-You have started to sleep a LITTLE bit better, but you're still not making it easy on me! I still enjoy getting up with you though, and I'm sure I'm partly to blame for enabling you! ;) 

-You are a total pro at sitting up now and you only face dive into the floor on occasion, and its always because you're trying to reach a toy.

-We celebrated your first 4th of July! Last year on the 4th we found out you were a girl!

-We went on our first week-long family trip together and you were a trooper, 7+ hours in the car isn't fun for anyone, but you did really well! We took you to our favorite restaurant in Laramie, Sweet Melissa's. You begged for our food the whole time! We also went up to Snowy Range and you loved to hike around in your carrier. You also made friends with the lady at the ice cream shop in Centennial, you're so friendly to everyone you meet. We went to Fort Collins and took you to the place your dad and I got engaged, Horsetooth Reservoir. We even went swimming in the cold water! We also went down to Broomfield and then to Denver where you had your first experience in an IKEA. You were always happy to be outside but would complain for our food in the restaurants, which wasn't fun for your dad and I! Overall it was a great trip and I hope you enjoy looking at pictures of it when you're older. 


-You LOVE to swim. We bought you a float and you have the time of your life kicking your legs and splashing. I am so excited for you to start swim lessons! 

-Your two bottom teeth are breaking through at the same time. I will miss your gummy smile!

-You yell loudly when you're playing and your cry has become a 'yell-cry'. You definitely let us know when you're happy--and not happy. 

-You suck on my cheek whenever I ask if you want milk--cutest thing ever.

-You're eating table food as a hobby and love trying new things---you'll eat whatever we put in front of you, and when you're done you throw it on the floor.

-You love to drink out of a sippy cup, but you'd rather drink out of a regular glass!

-If we eat something in front of you, you immediately try to grab it and whine if we dot let you have it--we have to eat in secret now!

-Your hair is getting longer, lighter, curlier, and crazier! I have no idea what it will look like when you're a toddler!

-You adore Fritz, and you flap your arms and squeal when you're close to him because you want to grab his face and poke his eyeballs! You also love to chew on his feet, which will have to stop now since you're getting teeth!

-You amaze your dad and I daily. We can't stop talking about you, and every little thing you do is huge to us. We love watching you grow and learn new things.

-Some nicknames for you are Munchie, Munchkin, Rem, Rem-a-lem-a-ding-dong, Smooshy, Smoosh---and your dad has a lot more that I can't remember right now. :)

We love you baby girl. Pretty soon you won't be a baby anymore, but until you can run away we will keep squishing you and kissing your chubby cheeks!

Mom and Dad

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