Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Eleven Months Old

There's only a week until your first birthday. Time is going by so quickly!

-You are officially walking! It was amazing watching you learn. You seem too little to be acting so big!

-Tantrums are your new thing. Arching your back and squealing are involved.

-Music is one of your favorite things, and you can actually dance to the beat! I love to see how freely you express yourself. There is nothing holding you back, it's so refreshing! I pray you never lose that.

-You've taken more of an interest in Willow lately. She loves it when you feed her your snacks, and you like to pet her and laugh. It's so cute!

-Your blankie is always by your side. You've started bringing it out of your crib when I get you up from your nap and you love to carry it around while you play. Occasionally you lay on the floor with it.

-Fritz is becoming your pal. You both sit and play together so well now! You love sharing your toys.

-Your favorite foods are garbanzo beans, raisins, peaches and pretty much anything I put in front of you. You're such a good eater!

-You talk all the time, mostly to yourself. :) You can say Dada, ball, mama, all done, wow, and pretty. We love trying to get you to say new words! 

-Playing 'chase' is one of your favorite games. You love to run away! You also love to roll the ball back and forth to us.

-Uncle Kyle got to see you this month. It had been a long time since you saw him last. You showed him all your tricks! We can't wait to see him again for Thanksgiving.

We love you so much! We are so excited to celebrate your first birthday in a couple weeks!

-Love, Mom and Dad

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