Monday, October 28, 2013

Remy Noelle:: Ten Months Old

Wow, can't believe 10 months have passed!

-This past month you have mastered crawling (in your own way, of course).

-You had your first experience at a pumpkin patch

-You've started to get into EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything.

-Some of your favorite foods are chick peas, pears, oatmeal, and pizza crust.

-You can walk with your walker, but you sit down immediately if we let go of your hands.

-Brown Bear, Brown Bear is by far your favorite book. You open all the slides and rush through so you can stare at all the kids' faces on the last page.

-You're really into destroying everything. You love to throw things on the ground.

-Speaking of throwing things on the ground; You realized you can feed Willow, and you love to do that at every meal. You toss your food off the table and look down to watch her eat it. This means you eat about 20% of what I give you, and Willow gets the rest (and she loves you for it)!

-Man can you yell! You have become so much more vocal, and you ramble on and on and make such funny noises.

-You still love to people-watch. You wait for them to see you and give them a huge cheesy grin.

-Your top two teeth are coming in, along with one more! So you are a little cranky, but not too bad.

-You have started to sleep a good 10 hours at night, and I thought the day would never come! I am hoping to get you to 12 hours by your first birthday. We'll see if you cooperate!

-You love going for walks.

-Your hair is getting a little calmer and longer!

-Your dad and I never want to forget how you act like a little bird and open your mouth when we are eating, it's so cute!

-I still cherish nursing you before bed. I will be very sad when that special time comes to an end. You are the sweetest when you're laying in my arms and looking up at me with your big brown eyes. And then you bite me and giggle. HA!

-You are so curious. The only thing that scares you is the vacuum. Other than that you are very daring!

-You love to make people laugh--you're such a clown! You tilt your head to the side and wait to get a laugh, then you laugh too! Other times you'll just laugh if your dad and I think something on T.V. is funny.

I hope you keep your silly personality. You are so fun to be around, and we love to play with you. You make everyone that's around you smile on a daily basis. We love you Munchie!

-Mom and Dad

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